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General Forum Rules

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  • [INFO] General Forum Rules

    Allgemeine Regeln in deutscher Fassung
    Hier klicken

    The following rules are to be observed by all members.

    To comply with our community rules, we work with the 10 points system.
    Users, who violate the following rules, are individually assigned to the facts with penalty points, by our team, in the specified range.

    In the case of several offenses, the penalty points are added.
    After the specified time, the penalty points expire.

    When reaching 7 points, a temporary lock will occur.
    When reaching 10 points, the account will be permament closed.
    Rule Penalty (minimum) Penalty (maximium) Duration
    §1. General rules
    §1.1 Insults, extremism (no matter in which form), ethnic animosity or similar is strictly prohibited
    1 point 10 points 3 months
    §1.2 disrespect, insults etc. against team members or other users is strictly forbidden
    1 point 10 points 6 months / Never
    §1.3 The use of gaps in the rules is prohibited
    5 points 10 points 6 months / Never
    §1.4 The use of bugs, exploits or obvious use of unwanted mechanisms in the forum as well as on our servers is forbidden.
    Bugs or gaps are to be reported immediately in the support area of the forum
    10 points 10 points Never
    §1.5 Dissemination / Leaking of Premium Material to third parties is prohibited and will be punished with a permanent exclusion.
    10 Points 10 Points Never
    §2. Rules for compliance with the order and structure in the forum
    §2.1 Threads / Posts must be written in German or alternatively in English
    1 point 3 points 2 months
    §2.2 The pushing of threads (thread bump) is allowed only after 48 hours
    1 point 3 points 2 points
    §2.3 Double post, the posting of two or more contributions in a thread in succession is prohibited (This prohibition expires after 48 hours)
    Use the "edit" function"
    1 point 3 points 2 months
    §2.4. Spamming in the shoutbox is forbidden
    1 point 3 points 2 months
    §2.5. Requesting support in the shoutbox is forbidden
    1 point 3 points 2 months
    §2.6 Support requests must be posted in the correct support area
    No support is provided outside support areas. Other support requests eg. in the shoutbox are prohibited
    1 point 3 points 2 months
    §2.7. When creating a new thread, you must pay attention to the correctness for this thread intended department
    1 point 5 points 3 months
    §2.8. Offtopic contributions are to be omitted
    1 point 5 points 3 months
    §2.9. Posthunting to unlocking the threads is to be omitted
    3 points 5 points 3 months
    §2.10. Pushing threads that have not been used for more than 14 days is forbidden
    1 point 5 points 3 months
    §3. Rules for compliance with safety
    §3.1 External advertising in any form, as well as the withdrawal of users is prohibited
    10 points 10 points Never
    §3.2 Only one account per user is allowed
    10 points 10 points Never
    §3.3 The linking, as well as the upload of warez, violence, childpornography, ad / harmful software is strictly prohibited
    10 points 10 points Never
    These rules do not claim to be complete and can be amended or altered at any time.
    Beside our forum rules the corresponding server rules apply.
    We also refer to the Terms of Service & No-Refund Policy

    Best regards

    Your Gaming Legion Team
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