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Tempritscher Dominator - Ultimate Pokemon GO Bot

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  • [RELEASE] Tempritscher Dominator - Ultimate Pokemon GO Bot

    • Catches all Pokemons
    • Farms Pokestops
    • Farms Stardust
    • Farms Poke Bonbons
    • Farms Masterballs
    • Legendary Detector [New]
    • Sniper Overlay [New]
    • Pre-Render Map [New]
    • Random DeviceID For Multi-Bot
    • Timers For Multi-Bot
    • KillSwitch OverRide PopUp
    • Timers For Multi-Bot
    • Random DeviceID For Multi-Bot
    • Full Pokemon Properties
    • Full PokéDex
    • Egg Interface
    • Logs everything into Logs folder
    • Automatic use of Razzberries
    • Output level and needed XP for levelup
    • Use LuckyEgg
    • Auto-Recycle unneeded items
    • Supports GPX Pathing
    • Supports more than 25 Languages
    • Catches Legendary Pokemons
    • Supports PTC also Google Login
    • Anti-Captcha
    • Supports all global Countrys and Regions
    • Livemap
    • Transfer/Powerup/Evolve Pokémon
    • Supports PokeBuddys
    • API Switch - modded API / PokeDev API
    • Anti-Ban System
    • Soft-Ban Bypass
    • Pokemon Black / Whitelist
    • Supports global Proxy's
    • Simulate Human authentic movement
    • Device HWID Spoofer
    • Full AFK Mode

    • /

    • /

    1. Download and unpack the Bot Files.
    2. Run Tempritscher.Dominator.exe as Admin.
    3. Choose your API.
    4. Login with your Account.
    5. Enjoy all Features.

    [INFO] This bot violates the terms and conditions of Niantic. We are not responsible for any banned accounts.

    Tempritscher.Dominator v1.1.4