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POSEIDON - A professional Atlas Fishing Bot

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  • [RELEASE] POSEIDON - A professional Atlas Fishing Bot

    • Catches all Fishes
    • Supports all Resolutions from 800x600 to 4K.
    • Supports all Fish sizes
    • Supports Official Server & Private Server.
    • Resolve all visual Buttons
    • Full AFK Mode
    • Full External - No Ban Risk

    How To:
    1. Download the Bot.
    2. Extract Poseidon.exe
    3. Run Atlas
    4. Change Language to English
    5. Open Settings and Choose a Resolution
    6. Change Window Mode to: Borderless Window
    7. Run Poseidon.exe as Admin
    8. Equip Fishing Rod and press F5
    9. Enjoy.

    Known Bugs:
    • Currently no bugs / errors are known


    Poseidon v1.0.0.rar