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Alduin - A Draconius GO Bot

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  • [DETECTED] Alduin - A Draconius GO Bot

    • Catches all available Dragons
    • Spins Stops
    • Transfers weak Dragons
    • Collect and open Chests
    • Alliance Support
    • Instant Catch [Catches every Dragon with 1 Sphere]
    • Incubate all available Eggs
    • Supports Google Walk Module
    • Humanlike movements [Follows Roads and stays undetected]
    • Multi Account Support
    • Auto Inventoty Cleaner
    • Fight back all Attackers
    • Multi OS Support [Linux, Mac & Window]

    • Gladiator Mode
    • Dragon Sniper
    • Rage Mode

    1. Download the Bot
    2. Extract the Folder (Alduin) anywhere on your Pc
    3. Open config.yaml in /data
    4. Enter your Login Data & Location
    5. Enter your Proxy Data or use your local connection
    6. Run Alduin.exe
    7. Open https://www.gaming-legion.org/DraconiusGO/ for GUI
    8. Alternatively you can use http://ui.dracoapi.ml/ for the GUI
    9. Enjoy

    Alduin v1.3.6 Final.rar
    Alduin v1.3.6 Linux Final.rar
    Alduin v1.3.6 Mac Final.rar