Mountain View

Easy to use

Our settings are easy to understand and user friendly. If you do not have time and desire to deal with the settings, you can easily use our default settings to catch all Pokemon and reach level 40. If you want to act more professionally, you can use our profiles for free.

Mountain View

Global No.1

Our Templitscher.Console has all the features that a good bot must have. With a close to human behavior, artificial intelligence, the goal of our bots is not to disturb the balance of the game, but to help you and play as you would. Tempritscher.Console allows you to catch all the Pokemon and safely reach the maximum level, play PvP against other players in arenas, join forces with players in raids, and perform many other functions to advance in all aspects of the game. It is also optimized for the lowest possible memory and CPU consumption and can run on less powerful computers.

Mountain View

And much more

Besides our bots, we offer you a friendly and helpful gaming community. Our bots are updated as soon as possible after every patch. As active user you have the possibility to ascend in the level ranking and to use free Premium and Scrapland API key.

Tempritscher.Console Features

Why you should use our bot

Level bot

Farms EXP from Level 1 to 40.

Auto Catcher

Catches all available Pokemons.

Gladiator Mode

Annihilate all GYM's in the Environment.

Global Availability

All countries and regions around the world are supported.


We support more than 25 languages.


Evolve and Level-up all Pokemons.

Raid Mode

Dominate & Catch all Legendary Raid Bosses


Snipes all rare Pokemons in the Environment.


Swap weak Pokemons for Candies


Incubate all available Eggs

Artificial Intelligence

Bot interacts with human movements and protects your account from bans.

100% Adjustable Settings

All settings can be set to 100% according to your own requirements.

And much more

New Features will be added and updated every Week. Join our Community and never miss any News.