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Our Re-Modded Tweak is easy to install & understand. If you need help on install this Tweak, our support will help you.

Mountain View

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Our Tweak has a bunch of features that make the Pokemon GO game experience even more interesting with every update. With our additional features, the chance to be banned is extremely low. Become part of our gaming community and conquer the world of Pokemon with us..

Mountain View

And much more

Besides our bots, we offer you a friendly and helpful gaming community. Our bots are updated as soon as possible after every patch. As active user you have the possibility to ascend in the level ranking and to use free Premium and Scrapland API key.

Tempritscher++ Annihilation: Features

Main Features from original Tweak

GPS Controller

Play Pokemon GO with an internal Controller

Location Spoofing

Spoof your Location at any Time around the World

Auto Egg Incubate

Breed all available eggs in a short time.

Speed Hack

Modify your walking Speed

IV Checker v2.0

Check the IV value of all Pokemon.

Poke Sniper v2.0

Stream all Pokémon from public PokeFeed servers to catch them afterwards

Cooldown Timer

Internal Cooldown Timer to prevent getting Softbanned

GPX Support

Create and follow your own InGame Route.


Use the Teleport to quickly cross short distances


Supports more than 20 languages.

Poke Radar v2.0

Shows all available Pokemon in your Environment

Raid Filter

Setup your own Raid List for Teleporting.

Shiny Locator

Shows possible Shiny Pokemon

Excellent Throw

Spoofs every thrown Pokeball with Excellent Throw

Advanced Filter System

Create your own Sniper List or only list your Favorite Pokemon for sniping.

Fast Catch

Bypass the Animation after catching a Pokemon.

Gaming Legion Features

Our additional built-in features

Anti-Cheat Bypass

Our Tweak bypasses the Anti-Cheat module by scanning on modified content or prohibited Apps

Niantic Spyware

The Permissions for Niantic's Spyware, which distinguishes Hacker from Players, has been completely blocked

Background ADs

Additional background advertising has been removed from the code.

MD5 + SHA Spoofing

Prevent Niantic from distinguishing our Modded Tweak from the original Game

Unlimited Devices

Use as many mobile devices as you like. We have removed the limitation of 3 devices.

Full Go-Tcha Support

Use all available Features from the Go-Tcha Wristband with our MAC Spoofer for Full AFK catching Pokemons and spinning PokeStops without getting banned by Niantic

Full GameGem Support

We have removed the maximum number of devices. use as many moibil devices as you want.